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ArcGIS: copying labelling between layers

It’s easy to copy symbology between layers in ArcGIS (Layer Properties > Symbology > Import > from another layer), but there’s no equivalent for labels. If you’re using “Label all features the same way”, this doesn’t matter much; it’s easy to re-create the label style. But if you’re using several label classes, then re-creating all of the query expressions as well as the label styles isn’t a great prospect. This is an official “ArcGIS idea“, but in the meantime this neat add-in tool, “Import labels from another layer“, does the trick perfectly.

ArcGIS: create features while a definition query applies?

ArcGIS 10.1, trying to add new features to a Shapefile: make it editable; set up an editing template; but the relevant layer refuses to appear in the ‘Create Features’ window. Why?! Well, it seems to be a side-effect of the way that ‘Create Features’ works, explained in an ESRI blog. While editing templates are useful, isn’t this a rather disproportionate level of complication for an everyday operation?